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      Everyone has already experienced the tragedy of losing one of their favorite socks to that abominable destructive monster that is the dryer. No one knows where they are going, leaving their better half to mourn. However, have you ever thought about what happens to them next?

      Legend has it that Sokette, a very unique sock, returned from this parallel universe, endowed with superpowers. From now on, Sokette would be imbued with the mission of preserving the planet, while spreading good deeds, with the help of her faithful acolytes.

      Together, they are ready to travel the world to fulfill their environmental duty and bring a touch of originality to any garment.

      At Sokette, we want to allow you to show your personality through original socks that you can wear for almost any occasion: at work, at school, during your leisure time and... during your marriage (why not)! We want to break stereotypes, one pair of socks at a time!

      Our mission does not stop there! By creating Sokette, we were keen to reduce our ecological footprint as much as possible, while offering quality products. This is why at each stage, we have made choices in this direction. You will receive your socks with recycled paper labels in our recycled cardboard packaging. Something to be proud of your style, without guilt!


      Who is Behind Sokette?


      Hi, I'm Eric!

      Behind this beautiful project that is Sokette, I am the one who dreamed of going into business. But why a funky bamboo sock company? Who ever thought, “This is what I want to make, socks?”

      So let's go back to 2018, when I was still a construction engineering student at university. My girlfriend bought a whole bunch of patterned socks, each funnier than the last. So I discovered the joy of getting some for myself. This proved to be more difficult than I expected, however, as I was never satisfied with the designs or even the quality of the socks in the store. Either the motifs were never funny enough or too ordinary for my taste. You might say I was picky, but that's all it took for me to have the trigger to get started!

      In 2019, the idea of ​​launching my own company grew more and more in my head full of ideas. I have invested more and more time in my research on different textile fibers to decide what would suit me best, while always having respect for the environment at heart. This passion that burned within me also contaminated my relationship, and Caro decided to participate in the project by taking care of the designs and social networks.

      This is how in October 2020, in the middle of the global COVID pandemic and in the heart of the second wave, our superhero sock, Sokette, was born, accompanied by her sidekicks to brighten up your days.